Fall of 2011 Mdungu releases their second album titled Gambian Space Program. This new album is a true group effort of nine musicians working and growing extensively together. Since the release of their debut album Afro What!? they have toured intensively in Holland, but also abroad in a.o. Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Turkey, China and Korea. Gambian Space Program shows what the band is about today. African music is the point of departure, taking their sounds through many sideroads and galaxies and thus creating their own space where they like to be.

Gambian Space Program will be released in the Netherlands on November 27 in the Melkweg, Amsterdam.


  • 1 Marock 'n' Roll
  • 2 Gambian Space Program
  • 3 Planet Lagos
  • 4 No Can Do
  • 5 Saturn Hat
  • 6 Xarit
  • 7 Clavesong
  • 8 Scandal
  • 9 Buxamatoul
  • 10 Niyabinghi I
  • 11 Niyabinghi II

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Benelux: Rough Trade


AFRO WHAT!? (2009)


AFRO WHAT!? is Mdungu's debut album released in May 2009. The album was very well received in the Benelux and has been released in the rest of Europe in the fall of 2009. The recordings are mixed by producer/guitarist Justin Adams, who is well known from his award winning work with Tinariwen, his own group the Justin Adams / Juldeh Camara Trio and Robert Plants Strange Sensation. The album is released by Zimbraz, a division of Music & Words and was voted best world music album produced in The Netherlands of 2009 by Mixedworldmusic.com.

To buy Afro What!? please send an email to shop@mdungu.com indicating your shipping address and the number of cd's you want to purchase. Afro What!? costs €15,00 not including shipping costs.

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Tracklist AFRO WHAT!?:

  • 1 Afro What!?
  • 2 Boolow Gambia
  • 3 Slow Music
  • 4 Confusion
  • 5 Pick Up
  • 6 Walk To Togo
  • 7 Kabbaya
  • 8 Mali Express
  • 9 Rio Nights
  • 10 Paps Touré

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Germany: Sunny Moon
UK: Proper
France: Codaex
Portugal: Multidisc
Austria: Extraplatte




Yamanaboole (South Africa 2010) is a single released in 2010 and is produced by Simon Akkermans (C-mon from the band C-mon & Kypski). The song is an upbeat track inspired by the upcoming soccer World Cup games in South Africa. Yamanaboole means "come together" in Wolof (the Gambian language) and features David Beukers and Ebou Gaye Mada on vocals.

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